We are in great need of new cover art. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your art shown to the world and is especially suitable for new artists/designers wanting to build a portfolio.

We tend to publish books in 6" x 9" paperback format (US trade), and all images need to be at least 300dpi. Because covers tend to be slightly larger than the interiors of the book, it is advisable you create a larger image than 6" x 9", but using the same proportions.

Check out this article by Jan Marshall for good tips on cover design: http://blog.iwritereadrate.com/?p=1495.

We will accept works that have been printed elsewhere, so long as you own the rights for them, but we prefer new artwork. Please email us to discuss this.

Payment will be by negotiation, including two free copies of the book it appears on. Artwork that has appeared elsewhere will typically receive 50% of our going rate.

Email: editor@doghornpublishing.com