Dogcast Central: A New Platform for the Spoken Word

LISTEN UP! Welcome to the new broadcasting arm of Dog Horn Publishing: Dogcast Central. The new channel for dogged readers of dog-eared books, full of spunk and junk and plenty of funk.

Yes, we're finally moving with the times. Branching out. Feeling the electric pulse of onward movement as we digitise ourselves to the aether and live in cybernetic eternity. Or something like that.

The latest instalment from Dogcast Central is available below.

We will be opening up Dogcast Central to submissions from Friday 27th January, 2012.

We're looking for reviews, sketches, spoken word, stories, interviews . . . whatever floats your boat. Send it in and we promise to give it a look. Our curator for this project can be contacted at Please send a short bio and your mp3, and we'll tell you what we think!

For an example of what we're after, check out the shows so far, presented by Dave Migman. Dave is the man spearheading this project, and we love him for it. Thank you, Dave!

You can find out more about the wonderful Dave, and his headfuck-in-a-book The Wolf Stepped Out here.

Gentle Listener, peel back your lobes, lie back and fall into the world of Dog horn Publishing. This week Dave Migman reads samples from Tom Bradley, John-Ivan Palmer and Jonathan Penton. There is also poetry from Wendy Jane Muzlanova and Carmina Masoliver. Dogcast 10 is here!

Oh joy of JOYS! Number 9 is off the rack; sweating, pulsing, vibrating . . . yes, it is HERE! Featuring Chris Kelso, Wendy Jane Muzlanova, Jed Belly, Mark Todd and Dave Migman . . . SO GET LISTENING!

In Dogcast 8, we have two shorts by Rachel Kendall and Jodie Daber from Cabala (edited by Adam Lowe), plus two poets: our regular guttural offering from G31, and fresh work from Eva G Madmin. All with backing music by Mr Migman. Enjoy!

This week we have Gerry Potter, Wes Brown, Chris Kelso, Wendy Jane Muzlanova and Dave Migman.

This is the one that Mr Migman has been threatening to play: the infamous Bradley/Migman interview. A transatlantic discourse that took place over a year ago and is now, for the first time, placed in Dogcast Central for your listening pleasure. Be warned: this is no ordinary interview!

Podcast five includes: G31, K.A Laity, Wendy Jane Muzlanova, Rhys Hughes and Dave Migman reading from The Wolf Stepped Out.

Dogcast 4 by Dog Horn Publishing

Oh sweet joy! Dogcast 04! Directions for use: Get naked, lather yourself in mix of peanut butter and lemonade, lie flat on your back, undulate to the hypnotic muse contained within.

This week: Cris O'Connor, Robert Lamb, Wendy Jane Muzlanova, Glen Krisch, G31, Zoob Goulash. Your host Davina Migmana recites copious lashings of literate munificence!

Dogcast 3 by Dog Horn Publishing

Weekly Podcast of poetry, spoken word with added atmosphere. This half hour Dogcast will astound and paralyse your reasoning capabilities. Prolonged exposure can result in bouts of anxiety and nausea. Hosted by the emaciated dwarf: Dave Migman. Featuring Wendy Muzlanova, Chris Kelso and Mark Todd.

Dogcast 02 by Dog Horn Publishing

Hosted by Dave Migman. Featuring the work of Glen Krisch, Tom Bradley, Rhys Hughes, Matt Chase, Gerry Gapinski and Dave Migman. Spoken word, poetry, extracts, plus backing vibes!