Dave Migman Author Spotlight: Dave Migman

Dave Migman is a writer, artist and stone carver--when he chooses to take human form at all. Indeed, we're not actually sure what Dave Migman actually is. He looks like some form of reptilian teddy bear. However his persona refracts light and confounds reality, and inevitably things get weird. We don't know why.

Using a lump of chocolate and a piece of string, we coaxed him from his little hole and have encouraged him to divulge himself in the avenues of auditory bliss over at Dogcast Central.

You can find all kinds of his shit out there online, but we keep his best stuff firmly locked within our maximum security lock-up.

Occasionally stuff seeps out, infestations occur, and teams are sent out to deal with the fallout.

His debut novel is available from us. The Wolf Stepped Out is a story of religious obsession, urban psychosis and razor-edged revenge. If you like Polluto, you'll love this!