Author Spotlight: Steve Redwood

I'm surprised I never encountered Steve Redwood before. He is entirely not what I expected when Rhys Hughes first (electronically) introduced me to him, but he's everything I love in an author. Now I can't help but keep in constant contact via Facebook and email!

Steve, like Rhys, writes satire. But whilst Rhys is a bit of pervy Python with plentiful puns, Steve is a slightly twisted Tom Holt or Terry Pratchett. His humour is jovial, but nearly always black. He chills and thrills in equal measure. In fact, if Rhys is the Monty Python crew, Steve is the cast of that black comedy The League of Gentlemen. His are characters with devious plans, selfish whims and an eager urge to fuck others over for their own good. And yet, they still make you laugh, the way Blackadder's abuse of Baldrick always does. It's mean, it's slightly terrifying, but it's always entertaining.

Broken Symmetries seems to me the perfect title for this latest collection of Steve's. For in his own wonderful way, he takes popular tropes, commercial icons and mythological familiars and shoves them in a blender to make something bloody, wonky and fun. The symmetries are there, but they're always skewed. So in this collection you'll see hues of this, that and the other, all glued together with Steve's confiding, man-sat-on-the-stool-next-to-you-in-your-local-pub style. There's a more biting wit than Pratchett could ever manage, and whilst Rhys is surreal he is brutally down-to-earth, but these two are the closest approximations we have to Steve's work, for the uninitiated.

You can check out a bunch of his stuff over at Whispers of Wickedness and see what you think. If you love him as much as we do, check out Broken Symmetries here.