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Dog Horn Announces: Dogcast 10

Gentle Listener, peel back your lobes, lie back and fall into the world of Dog horn Publishing. This week Dave Migman reads samples from Tom Bradley, John-Ivan Palmer and Jonathan Penton. There is also poetry from Wendy Jane Muzlanova and Carmina Masoliver. Dogcast 10 is here!

Dog Horn Publishing
Rarity from the Hollow - Ebook Now Available

A children's book. For adults. Featuring: robots, shopping, and one very brave young girl who has to save the world. Not your typical kid's story.

Kindle Edition - £2.99 / $5.95 (free with Amazon Prime)

Also available at Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon FR and Amazon IT.

Author Spotlight: Christopher Gordon Kelso!

Christopher Gordon Kelso is an author, editor and occasional literary agent.

He has worked for Eraserhead Press as well as Dog Horn Publishing.

Dog Horn Publishing will be releasing both his debut short story collection, Schadenfreude, and his novella, The Best Years of Your Life, in the 2012-13 schedule.

Author Spotlight: Aliya Whiteley!
Aliya Whiteley was born in North Devon in 1974. She writes in many genres; her two comic novels, Light Reading and Three Things About Me, were published by Macmillan, and her speculative fiction has appeared in many publications, such as Strange Horizons, Sein und Werden, and the Elastic Press slipstream anthology, Subtle Edens. Her short stories are violent, terrifying, tender, and funny. They have received much critical praise, from The Boston Globe to Tangent, and have garnered accolades such as The Drabblecast People's Choice Award.  This is the first time they have been collected together. 

Dog Horn Publishing
News from Janice Lee
At AWP in Chicago last week, KEROTAKIS proved very popular with the crowd. Janice is also working on a mini tour (west coast) with writer Anna Joy Springer. A new review of KEROTAKIS plus Janice's two other books has appeared here. And finally, Janice has just won First Place for Nonfiction in the Black Warrior Review contest.

Dog Horn Publishing
Introducing our latest author: Marten Weber!
Dog Horn Publishing is delighted to introduce the latest addition to its ranks: Marten Weber.

You can also read, and comment upon, Marten's latest column at the Huffington Post too.

Dog Horn Publishing
Dog Horn Announces: Dogcast 7
LISTEN UP! Welcome to the new channel for dogged readers of dog-eared books, full of spunk and junk and plenty of funk.

Here we have poetry, fiction and spoken word from Gerry Potter, Wes Brown, Chris Kelso, Wendy Jane Muzlanova and Dave Migman.
Dog Horn Publishing
A new short story: 'Cupid's Day in Oz' by Deb Hoag

The first time I saw Glinda, she was a tall, cool blonde with a big wand. And she was using it to zap Nessa, the Wicked Witch of the East.

I fell in love in a big way, but Glinda insisted I was too young for her, so she gave me a pair of shoes and a job—collecting on a gambling debt from Oz, the big kahuna in these parts.

Polluto Magazine
Deadline Draws Near for Polluto ¾: Witchfinders vs The Evil Red
Chill us with tales of black magic, witchcraft and ritual. Go undercover on Inquisitorial investigations and witch-hunts. Explore ideas of communism, the Cold War and the McCarthy era. Play with, twist or mock the conventions of zombie movies such as The Evil Dead. Give us subversive stories of comic book-style superheroes and ‘all-American’ action stars. Show us what happens when spies and magic clash. Play with any or all of these themes in an unusual or unexpected setting.
Fruit Bruise Press
Dog Horn Publishing announces its new imprint: Fruit Bruise Press

Check back over the coming months to find out what a fantastic programme we have lined up for our UK readers and writers in 2012-13. We'll be kickstarting things with a special guest appearance at Alt.Fiction 2012, an anthology and a range of poetry books.

Fruit Bruise Press will be edited by Alexa Radcliffe-Hart. Check out details of our workshops and upcoming publications.

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