Broken Symmetries
by Steve Redwood

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Steve Redwood’s own selection of his short fiction. Twenty-six unique stories that stretch the meaning of ‘eclectic’, bound together in one forbidden tome for the first time. Covering most genres, and moving from grim, cruel, and tragic: broken women living on shelves in a library, a Greek goddess and the monster she created meeting in a final showdown, an alien trapped in Patagonia nurturing itself on sickness and religious gullibility to survive and an exiled Martian fixated on Dana Scully. All this, with a few devils, saints, cloned messiahs, witches, and well-educated zombies thrown in for good measure.

Acclaim for this Collection

Click to read Leeds Guide: Book Review: Broken Symmetries – only on “What makes Steve Redwood’s work so good is that almost always there’s a lusty vein of satire pulsing just beneath the skin… along with lots of rich, often risqué humour, a good dose of political incorrectness, and a bracing dash of blasphemy. And then… he knocks the feet out from under you with a beautifully moving tale like ‘Epiphany in the Sun’.” —John Grant “Bubbles of darkness trapped in fluid humour, like hashish suspended in golden wine, a heady and often disturbing brew.” —Rhys Hughes Steve Redwood is the author of the novels Fisher of Devils (nominated for the 2003 British Fantasy Society Award) and Who Needs Cleopatra? (both translated and published in Spanish). Many of the stories here first appeared in major anthologies like the World Fantasy Award and Hugo finalist The Thackery T Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases, The Mammoth Book of New Comic Fantasy, New Writings in the Fantastic, or Darkness Rising 2005. He has been an invited guest at the prestigious international Black Week (Semana Negra) in Gijón, Spain, for two years running (coinciding in 2008 with George RR Martin and Jim Sallis, among others), and will be officially presenting the Spanish translation of his second novel at the equally prestigious Hispacon in Huesca, Spain, in November 2009.

Comments on a few of the stories when first published

(Going Back): “…Such a feat of storytelling would be remarkable enough on its own; but add to that Redwood’s vivid imagery and skilful depiction of emotion, and you have something very special indeed.” (David Hebblethwaite in The Alien Online) (Virus, an early version of The Road to Damascus): “…lifts you into skies of pure entertainment. It is humorous, surreal and sexual. Forget damsels in distress and harlots in high water. This is pure girl-power, the things a woman can do with a hairy beast in the house and the technology to tame it should she want to.” (The Fix) (The Burden of Sin): “If the original Highlander series had half the wit and verve of Redwood’s story, then they would be cinematic classics instead of mere camp curiosities.” (Jim Steel in British Fantasy Society Reviews) (Damaged): “This frank and searching story has an excellent chance of making it into some of the Year’s Best anthologies.” (The Fix ) (Circe’s Choice): “The writing is skilful, and the thoughtful treatment of Circe and Scylla deserves high praise. Neither emerges as completely innocent or completely guilty… Both of the protagonists are sympathetic, and the resolution of the story is heart wrenching. (E Sedia in Tangent).

Acclaim for this Author

(of Fisher of Devils) “T.H.White, Thorne Smith, John Collier, Lord Dunsany, Terry Pratchett – add Steve Redwood to the list of distinguished fantasy humorists. Fisher of Devils is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a very long time. Redwood has all the irreverent verve of Douglas Adams, all the inventive originality of Terry Gilliam.” —Michael Moorcock (of Who Needs Cleopatra?) “Redwood’s prose is a delight, the work of a storyteller who has found his voice, a natural raconteur with the ability to effortlessly keep us hanging on his every word … Overall it’s an irresistible combination, and one which should delight those who want to cast their net a little wider than the next letter home from Discworld.” —Peter Tennant in Interzone “Redwood has the gift of tongues and might just be the devil himself.” —Steve Savile Read more about the author here.

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