Endless Running Games
by Gareth Durasow

Endless Running Games

ISBN: 9781907133909

Endless Running Games is for the people who collected insects when they were kids and dreamt of becoming spies. It will show you the thrill of a whale hunt without getting sea in your shoes. It will show you how to stand toe-to-toe with Bruce Lee and how to make a poem from phishing spam.

Inside, you’ll find poems haunted by an eclectic cast who riff on cultures high and low, poems where each plosive throws glassware at the walls. This is a collection for the console generation. Its poems are for those of us with time to kill, and about those who killed in their spare time.


A pleasure and challenge combined, Durasow’s book is a perfect tool to broaden one’s perspective on the meaning of life and fiction and savour the delights of the so-often-undervalued subtleties of speculative poetry. Małgorzata Mika, The Future Fire


Lyrical and urgent, innovative but never just for novelty’s sake, Endless Running Games left me breathless – frequently at the back-lit, pixelated pace it maintains, but more often at its sheer quality. Mike Farren, The State of the Arts


The reader will often feel compelled to pause, replay images and steel themselves for the visceral lurking among the magical and the mythical. John Irving Clarke, The Guardian Readers’ Books of the Year 2015


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30 May 2015

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