Fisher of Devils
by Steve Redwood

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About the Book

‘If, through some convenient twist in the space time continuum, Terry Pratchett and the Farrelly Brothers had taken Milton out one night and got him completely wrecked on Tequila slammers and cheap amphetamine, the four of them might have come up with something like this.’ —Richard Morgan, author of Altered Carbon and Broken Angels

Acclaim for this Collection

‘This story makes the dangerous crossing from symbols of ink to the reader’s heart in a way indicative of a classic. Unlike so many English fantasies, it is not ashamed to be funny and wild and rumbustious and devilish and romantic…It has a simple grandeur, a complexity which is scarce aware of itself, a ripeness…It grapples with Milton and turns him upside-down, but doesn’t steal anything that falls out of his pockets. The difference between this and so many other modern fantasies which imitate and feed off each other is the difference between imagining a man kissing a woman and kissing her yourself…This book, I predict, is destined to become a modern cosmic comedy fantasy classic.’ —Rhys Hughes, author of Mister Gum

‘An extremely funny and original fantasy novel. Steve Redwood has taken the stereotypical myths of Christianity, thrown in a detective yarn, a ‘buddy’ movie, and a love story (many love stories), and produced, with a perfectly straight face, an outrageous hybrid that both caresses and subverts everything it touches.’ —Ronald Turnbull, Editor of The Edinburgh Review

Acclaim for this Author

“T.H.White, Thorne Smith, John Collier, Lord Dunsany, Terry Pratchett – add Steve Redwood to the list of distinguished fantasy humorists. Fisher of Devils is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a very long time. Redwood has all the irreverent verve of Douglas Adams, all the inventive originality of Terry Gilliam.” —Michael Moorcock (on Who Needs Cleopatra?)

“Redwood’s prose is a delight, the work of a storyteller who has found his voice, a natural raconteur with the ability to effortlessly keep us hanging on his every word … Overall it’s an irresistible combination, and one which should delight those who want to cast their net a little wider than the next letter home from Discworld.” —Peter Tennant in Interzone

“Redwood has the gift of tongues and might just be the devil himself.” —Steve Savile

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