Three Screenplays
by Tom Bradley

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screenplays thumbA triple feature you’ll be watching long after that Great Day when the electrical grid collapses once and for all!

This is a collection of feature-length movie scripts that employ spoken dialogue and present-tense action–but no voice-overs, narration, flash-forwards or -backs, and no stupid fucking special effects. These scripts are written, the lines delivered, as opposed to grunted or yammered or improvised.

The actors are brilliant unknowns, never previously seen nor heard anywhere. Our Casting Director had recourse to the services of a good genetic engineering lab, a team of in vitro technicians, and a medium-large population of indentured gamete donors.

The traditional pre-digital Hollywood screenplay format is fascinating. If the prescribed font is used, and the correct margins observed (as in the layout to this book), it translates to one minute of screen time per page. Directors proceed on this assumption. There’s an uncanny precision to screenwriting that carries pleasantly over into the eyeball, as in the movie itself. It’s like a Shakespearean sonnet: our pleasure is enhanced when we see the fourteen lines, ended just so, with the final couplet nicely indented. Same idea with screenplays.

The result is a particular kind of story, with that compelling balance of dialogue and action, and tight economy of setting and exposition.

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Filed in Books on October 1, 2013