Over the Rainbow: Money, Class and Homophobia
by Nicola Field
with forewords by Ellie Barnes, Jonathan Blake and Gethin Roberts

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326pp., B&W
ISBN: 978-1-907133-94-7

‘A classic’ Sally Campbell, editor ofSocialist Review

‘…a long-awaited analysis of the intersections of sexual and gender identity with class, as well as giving a superb immanent critique of the mainstream LGBT movement…’  Gregory Esteven, editor of Monthly Review

‘Unparalleled’ Leo Zeilig, author of Eddie the Kid

‘We all have a couple of key books in our lives that have really made us sit up and think. This was one of mine.’
Peter Dwyer, co-author of African Struggles Today

First published in 1995, Nicola Field’s Over the Rainbow confronts the political contradictions in the LGBT+ movement and contains one of the earliest first-hand accounts from the frontlines of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, featured in the hit film Pride. Written at a time when LGBT+ people enjoyed increased visibility but faced continued discrimination and assault from conservative governments, Over the Rainbow sets an agenda for resistance rooted in class politics and shatters the myth of a unified LGBT+ ‘community’. Including fresh material, this expanded edition considers the impact of Pride and the challenges ahead for LGBT+ activism in the 21st century.

Nicola Field, an original member of LGSM, is a London-based writer, artist and activist. She has written for Diva, Socialist Review and Ambit; exhibited at the V&A and the British Film Institute; and spoken on political platforms internationally.

Nicola Field

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