The Bride Stripped Bare
by Rachel Kendall

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Finally bound into one collection, twenty three stories of creation and mutation. From twisted fairy tales and grubby nights to circus freaks and insect bites, these tales of depravity reveal the bride in her most scabrous form. Sein und Werden editor Rachel Kendall runs ISMs Press. You can find more of her short fiction in Cabala and in Women Writing the Weird. Acclaim For This Collection ‘an amazing debut collection of twenty-three very brief but powerful and disturbing tales’ — ELLEN DATLOW, in The Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 3

‘Like the films of Gaspar Noé, the images from these stories, once implanted in the mind, are quite impossible to reverse or erase. The versatile Kendall is here able, via carefully crafted language and dialogue, to make us feel at turns trapped, lonely, scared, angry, horny, disgusted. This is her gift, and it puts her in a class with writers such as Georges Bataille, William S. Burroughs, and Anaïs Nin, who were brave enough to go places that others were afraid to tread in their day. The 23 disturbing, yet often deceptively tender tales in this short but powerful collection speak to our most deeply felt desires and fears, and are well worth reading. As André Breton once said, “Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all.” In The Bride Stripped Bare, it always is.’ — MARC LOWE, in Neon

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