The Lunar Tickle
by Rhys Hughes

Thornton Excelsior is a man but he’s not an individual, he’s a multitude, an ensemble of avatars of himself that can exist in any place at any time.

Between Falling and Walking
by Arno Bohlmeijer

Check out Between Falling and Walking by Arno Bohlmeijer.

The Imperial Youth Review 2

Featuring Michael Allen Rose, Jordan Krall, Edward Morris, Hal Duncan, Cameron Pierce, Chris Shaw, Dave Migman, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., Tom Bradley, Don Webb, Joseph Robicheaux, Douglas Lain, Kirk Jones, Nick Cato

An Eschatological Bestiary
by Oz Hardwick

An Eschatological Bestiary is a new political poetry collection by Oz Hardwick.

No Monsters Allowed
Ed. by Alex Davies

An anthology of ‘human horror’, with absolutely no sparkly vampires, edited by Alex Davis.

Three Screenplays
by Tom Bradley

A triple feature you’ll be watching long after that Great Day when the electrical grid collapses once and for all!

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Fisher of Devils
by Steve Redwood

If Terry Pratchett and the Farrelly Brothers had taken Milton out one night and got him completely wrecked on Tequila and amphetamine, the four of them might have come up with something like this.

The Apprentice Journals
by J. Michael Shell

Spaul is an Apprentice, and he may be one of the last. Without the Apprentices’ ability to speak to the elementals, what’s left of humanity may not survive. But when Spaul meets Pearl—a powerful Female Apprentice thought to exist only in myth—his world and everything he understands about the elementals changes.