Terror Scribes
Ed. by Adam Lowe & Chris Kelso

Featuring Paul Kane, Marie O’Regan, Jeff Burk, Richard Farren Barber, Richard Thomas, John B. Ford & Steve Lines, Jay Eales, Derek M. Fox, John Palisano, Chris Kelso, Rachel Kendall, A.J. Kirby, Selina Lock, David Price, Adam Lowe, Wendy Jane Muzlanova, Jan Edwards, Deb Hoag, Sue Phillips, Sharon Kae Reamer & Robert D. Rowntree, Paul Bradshaw, Christy Leigh Stewart and Mark West.

by Douglas Thompson

Out Now: £9.99 from Central Books exclusive price here £12.07 (save £0.92, 7% off their list price) from The Book Depository FREE delivery worldwide (to all these countries) Usually dispatched within 24 hours Add to basket Scott Malthrop is a murderer with a difference: his entire house is filled with an enormous device gradually assembled [...]

Bite Me, Robot Boy
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Bite Me, Robot Boy is a seminal new anthology of poetry and fiction spanning genres, styles and cultures. This is a compilation of what Dog Horn Publishing does best: writing that takes risks, crosses boundaries and challenges expectations.

New Cross-Fucked Musings on a Manic Reality
Ed. by Tom Bradley

This volume is ripe with prime produce sprung from minds that span five decades, but comprise a single literary generation.

Ed. by Adam Lowe

From gothic fairytale to humorous pop-culture satire, five of the North’s top writers showcase the diversity of British talent that exists outside the country’s capital and put their strange, funny, mythical landscapes firmly on the literary map.

by Andrew Hook

£11.54 (save £1.45, 11% off RRP) from The Book Depository Free delivery worldwide (to all these countries) Usually dispatched within 24 hours Add to basket Japanese school children grow giant frogs, a superhero grapples with her secret identity, onions foretell global disasters and an undercover agent is ambivalent as to which side he works for [...]

by Wes Brown

“Brown is a new generation Updike” – Jo Brandon, The Cadaverine

The Wolf Stepped Out
by Dave Migman

Today the cracks made themselves known . . . He was lurking around the Zone, lured by the patterns locked into the pavement. The city was undergoing massive metamorphism. Her streets buckled and splintered. A web was formed, like protein seeking fronds of fungi seep within the soil so the cracks roved across the slabs and walls. They formed a cryptic alphabet; the cuneiform scrawl of his goddess unfolded before his eyes.

Hemorrhaging Slave of an Obese Eunuch
by Tom Bradley

Celebrated author Tom Bradley’s latest short story collection Hemorrhaging Slave of an Obese Eunuch will take you to the Adriatic Sea in Neronic times, Hiroshima’s demon-infested basement, the royal elephant stables in Hindustan, a Tokyo AIDS hospice, a yacht near a Chinese leper colony and on top of a skull-shaped geothermal formation in the prune-coloured midnight.

by Janice Lee

KEROTAKIS is Janice Lee’s postmodern exploration of consciousness, form and narrative, as it follows the journey of G.I.L.L. A contemporary reimagining of Frankenstein that takes us forwards, backwards and sideways through time and space, this is a cutting-edge novel for the multimedia age.