The Bride Stripped Bare
by Rachel Kendall

‘an amazing debut collection of twenty-three very brief but powerful and disturbing tales’ — ELLEN DATLOW, in The Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 3

A History of Sarcasm
by Frank Burton

Sometimes stories that I’ve used to mythologize my childhood resurface in my mind as actual memories … Perhaps if you tell a story enough times, it will become the truth.

Mister Gum
by Rhys Hughes

Rhys Hughes plumbs the depths of perversity and satire in the shockingly brilliant novel Mister Gum, which follows the adventures of the world’s most notorious creative writing tutor and his friends. On his way he discovers haunted hymens, Fellatio Nelson and Canon Alberic’s Photo Album.

Crashin’ the Real
by Deb Hoag

One woman’s search for truth, justice . . . and Steven Tyler!

Broken Symmetries
by Steve Redwood

Steve Redwood’s own selection of his short fiction. Twenty-six unique stories that stretch the meaning of ‘eclectic’, bound together in one forbidden tome for the first time.