Dogcast Central

Dogcast 40

The final episode of Dave Migman’s experimental seven-part chronicle of the adventures of Garrious Chime and The City of the Blind! In rhyme!

Hookskin Speaks

Hookskin speaks in this chilling addendum to Dogcast 35. Watch this for the full picture.

Dogcast 39

It’s the penultimate episode of Garrious Chime’s Communiques, and things in the city are hotting up . . . Hookskin has some friends, the radio spurts and blurts, and things are drawing towards their sticky conclusion. Sonic duress with Dave Migman.

Dogcast 38

In the latest Dogcast, Dave Migman leads us deeper into the City of the Blind. The Great Depressor now holds sway and weird shit is happening. Dare you enter?

Dogcast 37

Captain Cub is on the hunt, Garrious is talking to the walls . . . madness abounds in the fourth instalment of this urban fable: a tale of lunacy, mystery and, dare we say it, magic!

Dogcast 36

Forms coalesce, images emerge, the great shoal of words take flight as the bastard shark of literacy bares its teeth. This is Spoken Word as it should be!

Dogcast 35

This week, Dogcast Central continues the strange saga of Garrious Chime and the bizarre metamorphic schism that is taking hold of The City of the Blind. Introducing Poetry Amenita as The Princess.

Dogcast 34

In a new direction for Dogcast Central, Dave Migman presents the first in a series of communiqués from The City of the Blind. Strangeness abounds, and it promises to get weirder!

Dogcast 33

This week: rants, raves, spoken word and poetry! Sidetrack and CountessM, G31, Ursprung Collective, Mr Swaytooth, Spleen Erebus and Mr Migman. A half-hour of brilliance for any rainy day!

Dogcast 32

Dave Migman presents Dogcast 32! Featuring stories of warped fiction by Nikki Guerlain, Cris O’Connor, Zoob Goulash and other weirdness! Come in and have a bite!