Dogcast Central

Dogcast 31

Straight from the mysterious island of inclement dreams! Dave Migman hosts the the first show in a new batch of Dogcasts! This week: Rachel Kendall, Douglas Thompson and Deb Hoag! Music and fiction in a handy half-hour sound bite.

Dogcast 30

Sonic aberration numero 30, presented by Dave Migman, featuring Migman, Kelso and Swaytooth. Enjoy!

Dogcast 29

Back from the abyss . . . Dave Migman waxes lyrical (has he lost or found the plot? Is there even a fucking plot?) . . . spoken word with lashings of Zoob Goulash!

Dogcast 28

This week on the Dogcast we have: GR Gapinski, Mark Todd, Tantra Bensko and a Dave Migman/Swaytooth/Darkofmaya collaboration!

Dogcast 27

Dave Migman hosts yet another half hour stint of poetry and fiction from: Darkofmaya, Adam Lowe, Benjamin Kane Ethridge and Chris Kelso.

Dogcast 26

Your sexy hostess Dave Migman brings you a half-hour slot of new work by Chris Kelso, hilarity from Chet Gottfried, serious Swaytooth and Jonathan Penton; all delicately seasoned and ready to stuff up the chicken of your choice!

Dogcast 25

Welcome to Dogcast 25! This issue is a retrospective of the last six months.

Dogcast 23

This week’s instalment of the Dogcast brings you offerings from: Dave Migman, Chet Gottfried, Gasman, Jason Campbell and The Love Control Matrix! Load up your iPod and listen in!

Dogcast 24

This week’s Dogcast is something of a mystery … listen up!

Dogcast 22

Welcome to dogcast 22. Fine spoken word and sounds from: G31, Tantra Bensko, The Ursprung Collective, Clay Childe and Adam Lowe. Hosted by Dave Migman.