52 Poems for 2013, 19/52: Metropolis Rex

‘Metropolis Rex’ is the 18th in Douglas Thompson’s sequence of 52 poems for 2013.

Reviews of Rarity from the Hollow and a Competition

Read the great reviews of Rarity from the Hollow and win a free ebook!

Book Launch: Witchcraft in the Harem

Join author Aliya Whiteley as she launches her latest work Witchcraft in the Harem at Victoria Library, Westminster.

Review: Mechagnosis by Douglas Thompson

Read the latest review of Mechagnosis by Douglas Thompson, which scores a whopping 9/10 at Sci-Fi-Online!

the dictionary project Author Interview: Janice Lee

the dictionary project is happy to share with you our most recent author interview with Janice Lee. Janice’s work is insightful, intensely curious, and without bounds. In reading her work, we begin to see words and phrases we have seen before in completely new ways because of the way in which she places, considers, turns them in her work. Please enjoy.

52 Poems for 2013, 9/52: Archaeology

Here is the ninth poem in Douglas Thompson’s 52-poem sequence (one a week) for 2013, followed by some illumination and reflection.

Jacques Barbéri/Michael Shreve Nominated for SFFT Awards

Michael Shreve’s translation of ‘The Player’ by Jacques Barbéri is in Polluto 10: Wage Slave Orgy.

Charlie Taylor, Artist-in-Residence: Old Photos, 13/28

Charlie Taylor gives another tip for LGBT History Month: upload old photos, so men think you’re young. In association with Young Enigma.

Charlie Taylor, Artist-in-Residence: No Condoms, 12/28

Our resident artist for LGBT History Month, Charlie Taylor, turns his eye to unsafe sex practices in his lampooning of queer culture. Commissioned in association with Young Enigma.

Charlie Taylor, Artist-in-Residence: Music, 11/28

Autotune is a gay thing, you see. Charlie Taylor delves deeper into the gay scene and rips it a new one.