Up to 65% Off at Lulu Storefront

You can take an additional 25% off the books at our Lulu storefront from now until 2nd January. On some books that’s as much as 65% off!

A Christmas Gift for You

As we’re in the Christmas spirit, we’re offering fantastic bundle offers for all our readers! Get any 5 novels or collections for £30 or 30 of our best titles for £150. Offer runs until 31st December.

Video: Charlie Taylor

Anarchic animator, illustrator and all-round creative psychopath Charlie Taylor unleashes some of the darker figments of his imagination upon us.

The End is Nigh

At Dog Horn Publishing’s sister project, Vada Magazine, Tim Boden discusses Nostradamus, prophetic poultry and Supernatural in his search for the End Times. The verdict is not good for idiots.

Dogcast 33

This week: rants, raves, spoken word and poetry! Sidetrack and CountessM, G31, Ursprung Collective, Mr Swaytooth, Spleen Erebus and Mr Migman. A half-hour of brilliance for any rainy day!

Sonja Blue Needs You!

Want to a hammer a few nails into the coffin of those sparkly vampires with teen angst? Want to show Hollywood what real vampires are made of? Well help out Nancy A. Collins and her takes-no-shit undead vampire hunter, and we can up the stakes.

Marten Weber at Gay Today

Marten Weber features at Gay Today. Read more about his exciting new novel and his UK book tour.

Afshan Lodhi at The Guardian

Our Deputy Director of Publishing, Afshan Lodhi, appeared in The Guardian last week. She spoke about bizarro sex scenes and her love for Hugh Laurie.

Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds Hits the UK!

“Across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded this Earth with envious eyes, and slowly, and surely, they drew their plans against us . . . ”

Garrett Cook: The Next Big Thing

For the love of God, don’t film this. Think of the children. Peel off your faces and see what’s underneath. Pray that Dieselpig will save us.