News from Mark Howard Jones

Brightest Black by Mark Howard Jones (regular contributor to Polluto) features 16 tales of the elegantly elegiac and the monstrously macabre, delivered in a darkly poetic style.

Polluto 9 3/4 – Witchfinders vs the Evil Red
Ed. by Victoria Hooper

Slip your arms into that long, black trench-coat, tug down the rim of your hat, and load up on the rock salt; it’s time to hunt some Witch. But careful, stalwart hero, as the danger of the Evil Red lies ever close. Issue 9 3/4 will mar Pollutos penultimate print only issue. So one of the last chances to enjoy Polluto in all its twisted glory.

Polluto 8:
In Space No One Can Hear You Dream
Ed. by Victoria Hooper

This issue we’re entering into the unknown and the otherworldly, exploring strange worlds and stranger beings–not to mention the twisted, terrifying depths of some of the weirdest authors’ minds.

Polluto 7: Open-Themed Issue
Ed. by Victoria Hooper

Congratulations to Deb Hoag, whose story ‘Phat is a Four Letter Word’ has been chosen as the editor’s choice for Polluto 7. All poems and stories were given anonymously to the Editor-in-Chief to read, and he picked Deb’s as his favourite, feeling that it perfectly fits the energy and dark humour of Polluto. Polluto 7 [...]

Polluto 6:
Identity Theft & the Octopus Kid
Ed. by Victoria Hooper

Polluto has packed a snorkel and will head to Atlantis for a quick visit to fight killer mermaids and their legions of underwater nasties. Unfortunately we forgot our passport and bank statements. Mind if we borrow yours? Preview Contents Showdown in ‘High Noon’ between the Sheriff and the Octopus Kid from Michelle Mead. Demons without [...]

Polluto 5: A Steampunk Orange
Ed. by Victoria Hooper & Adam Lowe

Cutlass-wielding youths in tweed suits prowl the dingy red light districts of Mars. Intrepid colonialist explorers hunt giant squid in the clockwork submarines of an alternate past . . . and Polluto rises from the mists, casting ghostly phosphorescence through the gloom, and calls you. It’s time to reach out and take the fruit. It’s [...]

Polluto 4:
Queer & Loathing in Wonderland
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Polluto has donned its frilliest frock, slapped on the make-up and stepped into a pair of heeled ruby slippers to fight terrorist munchkins on the road to Oz. Grab your baseball bat and join the fray! Preview Contents Cross-dressing and black power in Wonderland, with Deb Hoag’s ‘Queer & Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road’ [...]

Polluto 3: Sex in the Time of VHS
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Polluto 3 looks at snuff, sex, violence and videotape. With a guest appearance or two by Jack the Ripper. Contents Sex, death and videotape in Deb Hoag‘s genetically-modified skin-flick perversion. Transdimensional, bisexual madness by Marshall Payne. Cross-pollenating, unitarian sex-mastery in J. Michael Shell’s unsettling ‘Fallout’. Punning lingus and speculative fiction’s answer to The Viz, in [...]

Polluto 2: Apocalypses and Garden Furniture
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Apocalypses & Garden Furniture examines the armageddon myths of today, from zombies to crime to social upheaval. Grab a deck chair and sit back as the world falls apart! Contents Jeff VanderMeer on Darfur, death by sea monsters and the state of counterculture (interview). Rhys Hughes with a lament about prog rock and the horrors [...]

Polluto 1:
Post-Natal Depression and the Mysterons
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Our Spectrum Fantastic Art Silver Editorial Award-winning first issue had the very loose theme of Post-natal Depression & the Mysterons. Here we set out to turn generic conventions and popular culture on its head. Contents Fresh stories from Jeff VanderMeer, Steve Redwood and Rhys Hughes. Artwork from Vince Lock, notable illustrator of 2000AD, The Sandman [...]