52 Poems for 2013, 1/52: I Throw a Stone by Douglas Thompson

Throughout 2013, Dog Horn Publishing author Douglas Thompson will be publishing a poem a week for your delectation.

The first poem in his 52-poem sequence  is presented here and new poems will be published weekly from the 1st January 2013, at both the author’s blog and here.  Why not also check out his latest novel, Mechagnosis.


I throw a stone I kill a bird
my pebble falls beyond the arc of time
and sinks heart-heavy in the restless waves

like sorry words the little ripples make
to cover up the anger
where the fallen hero breaks

with pagan sight I gasp and grasp
the broken mirror’s shattered glass
the clouded cause and sad effect
an albatross about my neck

I changed my pebble’s course too late
a woman’s face contorts with hate
a body dies before a word
I threw a stone I killed a bird.


You can read Douglas’ discussion of the poem at his blog.

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