52 Poems for 2013, 2/52: A Nightmare on Argyle Street

Here is the second poem in Douglas Thompson’s sequence (one a week) for 2013.



every face you pass
is like a magnet
changing your polarity
the atoms reverse
and your soul turns around

every glance you catch
of every worried eye
makes you worried
and you’re turning
looking at the sky
with different worries
different worried eyes

tossing and turning
thrown between lives
you feel the conflict
in a thousand bitter eyes
making you feel weaker
as your character subsides
and you alter your perspectives
entering the same street
one more time

walking for too long
you lose your direction
no one pays attention
when you speak out loud

beggars are only those
who walked here too long
saw too many faces
meeting too many eyes
they lost their souls
and lost to themselves now
they borrow what they saw
in those last terrible eyes
that changed them

they are the street’s voice
our own conscience
begging us to pause.


Read Douglas Thompson’s thoughts on the poem for an insight into the author’s mind.

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