52 Poems for 2013, 27/52: The Sylvan Views

Here is the 27th poem in Douglas Thompson‘s one-a-week sequence (52 in total) for 2013.


I cannot find the sylvan views
forgotten sunsets will not light the way
to where our happiness once waited
but would not stay

my father and I both are children lost
in dead summers where we cannot play

and yet they burn me and I cannot sleep
tonight, while raindrops on the roof
ring softly as the half-remembered footfalls
of the child that was
who ran down pathways since overgrown
towards what destiny he could not guess

the magic waned, the fire burned low
great days rose up and fell and died
we did not mourn them, because we did not know.


Read the author’s own reflection on the poems here.

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Filed in News, Stories on June 30, 2013