52 Poems for 2013, 32/52: WEDDING DAY

Douglas Thompson writes,

Here is the 32nd poem in my 52-poem sequence (one a week) for 2013, followed by some illumination and reflection:


The bleak midwinter sun
rose to find me in the bath
this morning and the floor
turned to glass as the snow began
in slow motion confetti lightness
and I remembered all
the twelve years of our friendship.

Talking to Napoleon on the Ouija board
with mad Diane at midnight
in fogbound Woodlands
stealing your last can of ravioli
on New Year’s Eve
experiments with Speed
falling off step-ladders in your living room
high on life and beer
drunk on melancholy.

Somehow it seems today
your day at this bleak solstice
at the end of a century
we have all survived
into the future and yet
we were best when we were miserable,
old friend,
and never quite forgave ourselves
or each other
for getting happy.


Well, I’ve never been married, despite me and Rona being together for nearly 20 years, so this title doesn’t refer to me but to the wedding of my old friend Iain Cree to Lynn Young back at the start of the 21st century. (Read more)

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