52 Poems for 2013, 33/52: SKIES

Douglas Thompson writes,

Here is the 33rd poem in my 52-poem sequence (one a week) for 2013, followed by some illumination and reflection:


Wide and helpless skies
skies without language or voice
without Gods or hope
you have me captive.

skies without number
day after day
year after year of this short life
lost in the unfathomable span of time
receive these idle prayers.

wide and empty skies
look down upon your subject
and accept this insignificant offering,
these unanswerable questions, perfectly phrased.

when your shining path of light beckons
across the waves,
I would walk gladly into the sun.

the moon rises as evening falls
and my heart opens to you
without hope without restraint
have I given everything without return?

the sun sets and skies darken
but twilight shines from within me
as if I have swallowed up the stars.

the sun departs but leaves me
with something deeper:
the enduring proof in memory
of the possibility of love.

(-16th June 2000.)

This one reads more like a song lyric than a poem, and that’s possibly because, as I remember it, I wrote it after listening to “Sanvean” by Lisa Gerrard/Dead Can Dance, a song which seems to have been rather over-played in the years since. (Read more)

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