52 Poems for 2013, 3/52: Man and Myth

Douglas Thompson’s latest poem is entitled ‘Man and Myth’. You can read the poem in its entirety below:


I was a great philosopher once.

On many a long summer evening
I hid in adolescent bedrooms
where the pale light on the plaster ceiling
was the colour of Aegean temples.
I dreamt I wandered in sad colonnades
with Plato and Aristotle.

I was safe but imperfect
like Ulysses tied to the mast.

But you came and destroyed my peace;
your pattering feet and flowing hair
disturbed the quiet labyrinth of my mind.
You made the fallen leaves a tapestry
and confused me with your threads.
My Ariadne: was I the hero or the bull?
—now I have slain both with my wretched sword.

I am a picturesque ruin in his early twenties
waiting for Caspar David Friedrich to paint me.


You can read Douglas’ discussion of the poem at his website.

Douglas Thompson is the author of Mechagnosis.

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