52 Poems for 2013, 4/52: City of Sleepwalkers

The latest of his series of 52 poems, Douglas Thompson presents ‘City of Sleepwalkers’.


In the city of sleepwalkers
men and women move blindly
performing futile tasks with fidgeting fingers
talking gibberish at each other
never hearing their nonsensical replies
to unasked questions.

Were you to scream out loud in your sleep
would you wake up all the others?
and waking would they weep
with laughter or shame
to see their pinstripe pyjama nakedness?
-bizarre clowns
whose imaginary goals and motivations
were only dreams becoming nightmares.

Not in the dead of night
but by a bright day’s sunlight
will you see them stumbling and stuttering
headlong into eternity.

Only when they lie down in beds
and close their sightless eyes
at close of day at night at last
will they meet the truth
and wait there
listening watching learning
in silence.

When they get up again
next day
they will have forgotten


Douglas discusses the poem over at his blog.

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