Aliya Whiteley Out in the Big Wide World

Dog Horn Publishing author Aliya Whiteley has kept herself busy recently. Aliya points out just a few of the anthologies she is due to be published in:

Rustblind and Silverbright, from Eibonvale Press, will be a collection of stories with the linking theme of trains. Trains have a lot of literary meanings and connections, and it was great to explore some of the more nostalgic associations in my story, The Wandering Scent. Details of the book can be found here.

Thinking about literary trains led to pondering about cinematic trains, and Den of Geek featured my piece on the meanings of movie trains here. From Teddy at the Throttle to Source Code, with a lot of Hitchcock and James Bond along the way, trains are one of the great symbols of the cinema.

Megazanthus Press will soon publish Horror Without Victims, a fascinating anthology of stories that aim to terrify you without the presence of your usual screaming protagonist. My story, Waiting Room, aims to find horror in the biggest, most unanswerable questions. I’ll update the website when these collections are released.

You can pick up Aliya‘s debut short story collection, Witchcraft in the Harem, direct from us.

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Filed in News on June 10, 2013