Author Spotlight: Marten Weber

Dog Horn Publishing is delighted to introduce the latest addition to its ranks: Marten Weber. Publisher Adam Lowe has negotiated a deal to handle all the UK and European publishing and distribution rights for Marten’s list of highly popular LGBT-themed books. We’re excited to be working with such a high-profile and well-respected queer author, and to support him in reaching a new and more diverse audience here in the UK and Europe.

Marten Weber is a published author of fiction and a columnist with a growing international fanbase. You can find his website at

Also check out Marten’s column in the Huffington Post.

Marten says:
I am of mixed parentage (a man and a woman) and have lived in more countries than I can count on hands and feet together. I speak several languages, and believe in multiculturalism, tolerance, and free champagne also in economy class.

I dislike bigots and fanatics   of all denominations. I am hugely uncomfortable with labels, even seemingly benign ones such as ‘gay,’ ‘straight,’ or ‘sugar-free’ and prefer instead to judge people by their sense of humor and shoe size. I believe that everybody, regardless of race or gender, income or size of genitals, should be gay for a year.

Most of my books concern the lives and adventures of men, both today, in history, and in the future.

My latest work is Gabriel, a book about corruption, greed, and finding love in a world without kindness.

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Filed in News on April 1, 2012