Author Spotlight: Nicola Field

nicola field 1Nicola Field is an original member of the groups Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners and Lesbians Against Pit Closures, whose true story was featured in the hit film Pride. An author, artist and socialist activist, she has written extensively on LGBT+ and other campaigning issues over the past 35 years and is a regular reviewer for Socialist Review.

Her book Over the Rainbow: Money, Class and Homophobia was originally published by Pluto Books in 1995.

Written at the time when commercialisation of the LGBT+ movement was just beginning to take hold in the UK, the book is a searing indictment of those who claimed we could use lifestyle politics and the free market to buy our way out of discrimination and persecution. Over the Rainbow offers an uncompromising critique of the weakness of identity politics and an irrefutable class analysis of the LGBT+ oppression.

She  is currently working on a book to be published next year by PM Press on LGBT liberation, pinkwashing and the politics of class. Nicola lives in London.

For more information about Nicola, visit her website and Facebook page.

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Filed in News on February 19, 2016