BSFA Awards: Dog Horn Friends Make the List

The British Science Fiction Association has published its ongoing list of works submitted for the BSFA Awards. Included in the list are works published in the last year, and among the authors to make the list are a number of Dog Horn Publishing authors, friends and colleagues.

Women Writing the Weird contributor Aliette de Bodard is included for her story ‘Immersion’ from Clarkesworld and ‘Ship’s Brother’ from Interzone.

Lauren Beukes, one of our favourite writers (who we keep begging to send us stuff), is also nominated with her story ‘The Green’ from Armored (Baen Press).

Douglas Thompson, author of Mechagnosis, has been nominated for his short story ‘Volwys’ from Albedo One. Keen-eyed Dog Horn readers will notice that a book of the same name is on our 2013 publishing schedule. We’ll be publishing Volwys (the book) in autumn. In the meantime, Douglas is sharing a poem a week with our readers throughout 2013. The first poem can be read here.

Not content with appearing just the once, however, Douglas is also nominated for his novel Entanglement (Elsewhen Press).

Other exciting people on the list, whom we admire greatly, include Samuel R. Delaney and Jeff Noon (with his first novel in ten years!). What a superb list it is!

Read the full list of nominees, updated regularly, and submit your own nominations (if you’re members of the BSFA) before 11th January to have a say.

Editor’s Note: This article has been amended for accuracy. The original article stated the list of nominees was the BSFA longlist. This is not the case. Rather, it is a list of all nominees (unfiltered), and is being updated regularly as new nominations come in.

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Filed in News on January 2, 2013