Launch of Polluto 9 ¾: Witchfinders vs The Evil Red at Alt.Fiction

Strange, sinister shadows jump and skitter in the firelight. Broomsticks and black hats are silhouetted against the moon, and in the darkness witchfinders hunt their hated enemy. Under the influence of their Ghastly Tome, the army of the Red gathers its forces in the night. Join us as our all-American hero battles against the Reds within their midst. Zombies, magic, witch-hunts, spies, communists, boarding schools, supervillains and bad comic book tie-ins all lie in wait for our intrepid adventurer. Can he save the day before it’s too late?

If you’re at Alt.Fiction, pick up a special advance copy at the discounted price of £7.


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Filed in News on April 1, 2012