Dog Horn Publishing announces its new imprint: Fruit Bruise Press

Fruit Bruise Press, an imprint housed by Dog Horn Publishing, is a writer development and literature promotion programme dedicated to championing the transgressive, the excluded and the emergent. By working with a rich pool of emerging UK writers who are not engaged with existing publishing routes and who, although perhaps not currently at such a standard, would be brought to publishable standard with a programme of mentoring and ongoing support to form the basis of a new kind of literary excellence.

We intend to provide this support by connecting with areas of society where there are numerous but unheard stories—those groups that do not have the means to develop their craft nor achieve publication.

All too often literary writing is seen as elitist or inaccessible for readers and writers without academic backgrounds. We feel they should be introduced to and get involved with the way in which literary works can explore characters, language and style in more experimental forms. Readers and writers of all backgrounds should be catered for, and their voices heard. We intend to bring the exciting nature of literary fiction to life by giving these new voices the opportunity to be heard and crafted with a nationwide programme of workshops within four major cities. Our focus will be those writers who are currently not adequately supported and who might be brought into the UK literature scene through a focussed outreach scheme that uses local hubs of literature activity as a base and offers a respected route to publication.

Fruit Bruise Press will strive to find the hidden voices, those willing to venture into unknown and less explored literary territory, and who are willing to challenge themselves and their readers with stories from the Other. This project will focus on talent development and bringing challenging but important writing to publication. Along with inviting participants to contribute to the anthology, Fruit Bruise will also provide writers the opportunity to perform within their home cities. These performances will serve as the conclusion and a celebration of the project, and will double as book launches to widen distribution of the anthology.

As the coordinator of this Fruit Bruise Press project, Alexa Radcliffe-Hart will be the individual responsible for identifying and recruiting the initial group of writers who would most benefit from the work of Fruit Bruise Press. She will be supported, guided and mentored over the course of the programme by Dog Horn Publishing’s Editor-in-Chief and managing director, Adam Lowe.

Our initial projects include the second, expanded edition of Shark by Wes Brown; an anthology of new writing, funded in part by the NAWE-managed Young Writers and Facilitators Enabling Fund; and a series of workshops, including a guest appearance at Alt.Fiction 2012.

Fruit Bruise Press is open to submissions and we welcome applications to take part in our writer development programme from writers who fulfil (or whose work fulfils) one of the following criteria, as well as being ‘literary’ in nature:

1.Transgressive – works that experiment with form, practice, genre; works that take risks
2.Excluded – the writer is from, or the work specifically addresses issues relating to, backgrounds and/or communities traditionally excluded from mainstream commercial publishing (e.g., ethnic or sexual minorities)
3.Emergent – the writer does not yet have a proven track record of publication and/or is under 30 years old.

Submissions and applications should be sent with an up-to-date biography, a statement of why you fulfil one or more of the above criteria, and a writing sample. Email Fruit Bruise’s General Editor, Alexa Radcliffe-Hart, in the first instance ( Please note that dates and locations for workshops are not expected to be announced until the summer, and places will be limited. However, it is expected that the workshops will take place across the country, and will be followed up by ongoing editorial support.

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Filed in News on April 1, 2012