Garrett Cook: The Next Big Thing

Garrett Cook takes some time out to tell us all about his current projects, and most importantly, to tell us what is The Next Big Thing. He writes:

For the love of God, don’t film this. Think of the children. Peel off your faces and see what’s underneath. Pray that Dieselpig will save us. Julie Newmar. Tempest Storm. Brigitte Bardot. Brigitte Bardon’t. A lion. Nikki Guerlain. An adorable blonde from the first grade named Jessica Lawless who smiled at me and I never understood why. The sailors from the Desolation Row beauty parlor. Mechagodzilla. Leza Cantoral. Nyarlathotep. Mary Jane Kelly. Hecate.

Garrett Cook is editor at Imperial Youth Review. He has also appeared in Polluto.

You can read the meme here.

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Filed in News on December 2, 2012