Review: Kendall’s Dark Bride

In the latest review of Rachel Kendall’s sublime The Bride Stripped Bare, Katy O’Dowd at the British Fantasy Society writes:

Rachel Kendall’s ‘The Bride Stripped Bare’ is a collection of twenty three short stories, dripping with darkness, oozing with venom, surrealism and existentialism. She writes like a dream, but reading this will leave you emerging into the light again afterwards, blinking and thinking – much like going to see a really good, if really strange movie in the daytime.

Again repeating that mantra of dreams and darkness, she also says:

As mentioned above, Rachel Kendall writes like a dream. But this is a dark, dark, dark book, visceral, let’s make no bones about it, which makes for very uncomfortable reading at times. Perhaps it’s a good thing, to step out of the norm and be challenged, to see, really see, the seedy, sick underbelly of society. And she does it well, very well, without going over the top or lingering unnecessarily, with perfect prose and a great depth to her description.

Read the full review here.

Those of you in or near Manchester this Halloween can see a specially-commissioned, female-led production by the writing-performance troupe House of Makeda. The four writer-performers will bring to life stories of the weird and fantastical by women writers from such Dog Horn Publishing titles as The Bride Stripped Bare, Women Writing the Weird, Bite Me, Robot Boy and Cabala at Apotheca on 1st November.

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Filed in News on October 10, 2012