Nearly 60% Off at

Most of Dog Horn Publishing’s titles are on offer at 40% off at our Lulu storefront.

Lulu offers a selection of our best titles via their print-on-demand programme, supplying copies worldwide where our books otherwise wouldn’t arrive in a timely fashion. Lulu also provides a number of ebooks in PDF and EPUB format. This allows us to widen our distribution and keep our entire catalogue in print, even in the countries where we don’t have a warehouse or distribution centre (as well as available through the iBookstore and Nook).

But don’t forget, you can still get copies of our books from The Book Depository, Amazon and Central Books.

Also, Lulu is having a site-wide sale from 23rd-27th November. If you enter coupon code REDEMPTIO at the checkout (for orders under £750) or DELIRITAS (for orders over £750), you’ll get an additional 30% and 35% off, respectively.

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Filed in News on November 22, 2012