Top Dog Horn Detox Tips

Surfeited on sweets? Ho’d one ho too many in celebration of the holidays? Already seen a heady New Year’s resolution or two slip out of your sweaty, hangover-greased grip? Make some resolutions you can live with and start a new post-holiday work out with these helpful tips from your favorite small press, Dog Horn Publishing:

10. Do some heavy lifting. Put that Christmas money from Aunt Germaine to good use and order some brand new fiction from us this year. Soon, you’ll be able to brag to all your friends about the arm curls you’re doing—with one of your new books. You can even take advantage of our regular special offers here.

9. Feed your brain. Pick up a copy of Women Writing the Weird, our newest anthology, and enjoy great fiction from some of the best female writers from around the world, including Nancy A. Collins, Janice Lee, Eugie Foster and Wendy Jane Muzlanova. Wouldn’t your mum be proud of you?

8. Get your fruits and veggies! Or at least your fruits, by gorging on the juicy details of our new literary imprint and writer development programme, Fruit Bruise Press. Ouch! I knew that banana was gonna hurt.

7. Stretch your imagination: Grab a copy of Polluto 8: In Space, No One Can Hear You Dream. Subversive and thought provoking? Yes. Crazy as a box of Buck Roger’s Intergalactic Fruit Loops? Most definitely. Dark, dreamy, and disgustingly depraved? Would it really be Polluto if it wasn’t?

6. Take a risk: From the comfort of your living room, of course. Go on a wild ride through time and space with Douglas Thompson in Mechagnosis; or stop for some hillbilly robotics with Robert Eggleton in Rarity from the Hollow, a book Missouri Review calls, “quirky, profane, disturbing.” Both books can be preordered here.

5. Read a classic: The story of Dorothy in the land of Oz. Oh, wait. This is Dog Horn. Okay, we might have changed round a few bits: Glinda’s a dyke, Ozma runs a transgender hotline, the wizard has a gambling problem and the brass men have lost their . . . well . . . brassies. Check it all out in Queer and Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road, coming soon to a plain brown wrapper near you. (And to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or maybe Lupercalia, we have a special story featuring the characters from Queer and Loathing here.) You can reserve a copy here.

4. Get caught up on current events: Dazzle your coworkers and impress your mates by being the first to read Paul Lai’s stunning review of Janice Lee’s KEROTAKIS at Galatea Resurrects #17, or my own interview with internationally acclaimed writer Nancy A. Collins at Suvudu (courtesy of the wonderful Matt Staggs!).

3. Go highbrow Dog Horn-style with Bite Me, Robot Boy. This seminal new anthology of poetry and fiction showcases what Dog Horn does best: writing that takes risks, crosses boundaries and challenges expectations. From Oz Hardwick’s hard-hitting experimental poetry, to Robert Lamb‘s colourful pulpy science fiction, this is an anthology of incandescent writing from some of the world’s best emerging talent.

2. Get cross, get fucked, get cross-fucked. Really. And without ever having to pop a single capsule of penicillin. Pick up Tom Bradley’s post-post-modern anthology of non-fiction essays, New Cross-Fucked Musings on a Manic Reality: Non-fiction of the Enigmatic Polygeneration. If the essays are too heavy for you, just stare at the cover for a while. That’ll really blow your mind.

1. Join us! We’ve got some great writing projects coming up this year. Check out the submission guidelines for Polluto here, follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or submit to Women Writing the Weird II: Dreadful Daughters by emailing series editor Deb Hoag (that’s me) here. We’re looking for your original fiction, 5,000 words or less, that relates more or less directly to the title. Reprints are fine with us, as long as you have the rights. The anthology is only open to any author who identifies as female and writes what might be considered weird fiction. The first book can be ordered here.

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Filed in News on April 1, 2012