Union Jacks and Vespas and Doctor Who and Whatnot

Union Jacks and Vespas and
Doctor Who and Whatnot
Garrett Cook

William the Conqueror. Imperial Youth Review. Shakespeare. Imperial Youth Review. The Beatles. Imperial Youth Review. Monty Python. Imperial Youth Review. Black Sabbath. Imperial Youth Review. The Sex Pistols. Imperial Youth Review. I have just listed for you, with no immodesty whatsoever, the most important British things ever. Britain, I believe this publication will be the thing that makes Americans finally forgive you for the whole taxation without representation thing. And India finally forgive you for Amritsar. It’s okay, Britain. I’ll call it even for all of the other cool things listed above.

When Chris Kelso approached me to edit Imperial Youth Review, I was excited. Then Dog Horn got involved and I became ecstatic. “Hundred Year Old Murders”, my first story in print, was published in Issue 3 of Dog Horn’s fantastic journal Polluto. It was about Jack the Ripper, another of Britain’s favourite sons. So Dog Horn’s always done right by me. Not to mention Dog Horn publisher Adam Lowe trusted us enough to let this be our vision.

I told Chris I wanted this magazine to be what would happen if Forrest Ackerman and Malcolm McLarenwoke up together in an alley after a drinking binge and invented The New Yorker. Because fuck The New Yorker. We’re young and hip and deadly. We chased down most of the coolest cats and kitties we knew to do our damnedest to make sure you’re reading that magazine and if you don’t feel you’re reading it yet, give it time. We’ll get there together.

So, tally-ho and allons-y, I wanna be .  .  .  anarchy! Enjoy Video Watchdog editor and Throat Sprockets author Tim Lucas’ first short story in print, a heartfelt story that makes straight edge punk as fuck by Edward Morris, a new Christmythos story by Nick Mamatas and Don Webb, an essay on calligraphy by Tom Bradley, magic lessons, pulp artwork and more. This is Imperial Youth Review. Some of it is British.

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Filed in News on November 5, 2012