Polluto 2: Apocalypses and Garden Furniture
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Apocalypses & Garden Furniture examines the armageddon myths of today, from zombies to crime to social upheaval. Grab a deck chair and sit back as the world falls apart!


Jeff VanderMeer on Darfur, death by sea monsters and the state of counterculture (interview).

Rhys Hughes with a lament about prog rock and the horrors of Julie Burchill.

Steve Redwood‘s satiric Highlander parody.

Extreme horror writer and publisher of Chimericana Books, Mike Philbin, with a sexual-apocalyptic tale.

Deb Hoag with a pair of humorous science fiction musings on the End.

Chet Gottfried with the Norse kink-fest ‘The Ragnarok Seduction’.

Adam Lowe‘s phantasmagoric story of ecological transformation and sexual annihilation.

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Buy from Deluxe Hardcover Edition (Signed/Numbered Edition of 100) Amazon.com

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Filed in Polluto on April 1, 2012