Polluto 3: Sex in the Time of VHS
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Polluto 3 looks at snuff, sex, violence and videotape. With a guest appearance or two by Jack the Ripper.


Sex, death and videotape in Deb Hoag‘s genetically-modified skin-flick perversion.

Transdimensional, bisexual madness by Marshall Payne.

Cross-pollenating, unitarian sex-mastery in J. Michael Shell’s unsettling ‘Fallout’.

Punning lingus and speculative fiction’s answer to The Viz, in Rhys Hughes‘ ‘The Groin Scratcher’.

Roadkill rape revenge and other wet dreams, in Robert Lamb‘s ‘Highway Girl’.

Sex slave libraries in Steve Redwood‘s ‘Damaged’.

The (literal) heat of passion in ‘The Day She Melted’ by Frank Burton.

Cybernetic crises in Michael R. Colangelo’s ‘Steel Teeth and Synthetics’.

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Filed in Polluto on April 1, 2012