Polluto 4:
Queer & Loathing in Wonderland
Ed. by Adam Lowe

Polluto has donned its frilliest frock, slapped on the make-up and stepped into a pair of heeled ruby slippers to fight terrorist munchkins on the road to Oz. Grab your baseball bat and join the fray! Preview


Cross-dressing and black power in Wonderland, with Deb Hoag’s ‘Queer & Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road’

Satirical stories from Polluto regulars Rhys Hughes and Steve Redwood

Robot sex toys in ‘The Androidgenous Zone’ by Andrew Hook and Allen Ashley

The seeds of transformation in D.W. Green’s ‘Willow Within’

A look at ‘The Day Hermeneutics Died’ by David McLean

Steampunk prostitution in Alex MacFarlane’s ‘A Shade of Yellow’

Dwarves, twisted fairytale forests and escapees in Jim Steel’s ‘The Bears in the Wood’

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Deluxe Hardback Edition (£24.99)

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Filed in Polluto on April 1, 2012