Polluto 6:
Identity Theft & the Octopus Kid
Ed. by Victoria Hooper

Polluto has packed a snorkel and will head to Atlantis for a quick visit to fight killer mermaids and their legions of underwater nasties. Unfortunately we forgot our passport and bank statements. Mind if we borrow yours? Preview


Showdown in ‘High Noon’ between the Sheriff and the Octopus Kid from Michelle Mead.

Demons without and within in ‘Greg’s Life, the King James Version’ from Erin Cashier.

A harbour town infected by periwinkles, and mermaids in the Thames from Peter Lavelle and Helen Harvey.

Gender roles, prosthetic male-enhancements and Wundermants in Susan Soloman’s ‘Honker’.

Poems of exploration, transformation and identity from Kristine Ong Muslim, Christian Ward and Jane Chakravarthy.

Undersea grand larceny, Atlantis, and Lovecraftian deep-sea sects from Malon Edwards, Edward Morris and Robert Lamb.

How freak jellyfish mutation is so out this season in ‘The June Parrott Scrapbook’ by Victoria Truslow.

Homeless shelter abductions, portals and wormholes; the aliens are emerging—and they want your vote! Stories from Rena Sherwood and Alexander Hay.

An exploration of personal struggle against abuse and victimisation from Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhran.

And more stories of mutation, transformation, misunderstandings, fear and intolerance from Kurt Newton, Annabel Wigoder, Yvette Managan, and Erik Williams.

Paperback, 120 Pages
Price: £7.99 (PDF: £1.99 from Lulu.com)

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