Polluto 7: Open-Themed Issue
Ed. by Victoria Hooper

Congratulations to Deb Hoag, whose story ‘Phat is a Four Letter Word’ has been chosen as the editor’s choice for Polluto 7. All poems and stories were given anonymously to the Editor-in-Chief to read, and he picked Deb’s as his favourite, feeling that it perfectly fits the energy and dark humour of Polluto.

Polluto 7 is now here! From bone-crushing lovers to a cross-dressing hitman, the night-soil man of the gods and sex conditioning on squids, the dangerous desires of the diabolically large and seductively small, body-swapping, gender-swapping, exploration, transcendence and re-incarnation, machines that are gods and machines that are cats . . . some of the strangest and scariest authors are gathered here—enter if you dare! Preview

Paperback, 180 Pages
Price: £9.99 (PDF: £1.99 from Lulu.com)

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Filed in Polluto on April 1, 2012