Polluto 8:
In Space No One Can Hear You Dream
Ed. by Victoria Hooper

This issue we’re entering into the unknown and the otherworldly, exploring strange worlds and stranger beings–not to mention the twisted, terrifying depths of some of the weirdest authors’ minds.

Subversive and thought provoking? Yes.

Crazy as a box of Buck Roger’s Intergalactic Fruit Loops? Most definitely.

Dark, dreamy, and disgustingly depraved? Would it really be Polluto if it wasn’t?

Aliens, monsters, gods, dreams and nightmares; sex and transformation; strange worlds and the search for truth; death, blood and violence; the future of humanity; astrophobia, metatronians, sphere serpents and zombie amazons.

Prepare for the, erm, unexpected . . . and remember, in space no-one can hear you dream. Preview

Paperback, 152 Pages
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Filed in Polluto on April 1, 2012