Polluto 9 3/4 – Witchfinders vs the Evil Red
Ed. by Victoria Hooper

Slip your arms into that long, black trench-coat, tug down the rim of your hat, and load up on the rock salt; it’s time to hunt some Witch. But careful, stalwart hero, as the danger of the Evil Red lies ever close. Keep your eyes peeled for signs of communism in our midst; hold the line against all urges and sexual desires; ward yourself against all that is feminine and female, for their wily ways will bewitch you! Stay vigilant, Witch-slayer, for the Red is everywhere: witches, zombies, blood, violence, sadism, magic, Mars, women, socialism, communism, even consumerism.

And while you’re at it, set fire to those damn ruby slippers!

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Filed in Polluto on June 16, 2012