52 Poems for 2013, 10/52: Journal

In the latest offering from his 52 Poems for 2013 sequence, Douglas Thompson offers his drug-induced poem ‘Journal’:


the long days laboured on the page
the city’s slow groans of deflating time
we live and die in the agony of moments
halting between clock hands
poised at the ever-receding brink
of insubstantial victories
un-conceded defeats.

through the vast and hollow cosmos
our blue planet rolls in ether
a tired eye washed with tears
watchful, disbelieving
at the harshness of things.

millions starve, fight, torture, despair
bodies endlessly discarded like litter
their screaming cries becoming music
distant interludes on televisions, radios
anaesthetic numbness
rocking us to sleep.

Unspeakable suffering or inexpressible joy,
we are tormented obscenely
or inexplicably blessed
but time just passes.

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Filed in Stories on March 8, 2013