52 Poems for 2013, 12/52: Offer

Throughout 2013, Douglas Thompson is contributing a poem a week to his blog and our website.

Here is the twelfth poem in Douglas Thompson’s 52-poem sequence, followed by a link to some illumination and reflection at his website:


Accept me
I am only what I am
this page this face
and the lines time wrote there:
read me if you can.

Except me
when you make your list
of types and characters
definable by labels:
I disprove but exist.

Respect me
if my affection is free
forget all preconditions:
the small print
is the memory of me.

Reject me
when you need an escape
for the love of bravery
danger is beautiful:
duty is like rape.


Read the author’s thoughts on the poem.

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Filed in Stories on March 19, 2013