52 Poems for 2013, 16/52: Resort #1


The crescent moon rises
above the white bone town
the evening sighs
I hear
the listless waves caress the shore
as so begins again
the endless ritual;
the nights of a thousand eyes
the new flesh
the aching streets
animal urges
swelling into loud displays
words thrown like sparks
across the chasms of our loneliness
the fatal imperfections
our flawed desires
like cracked mirrors of ourselves
only occasionally healed, wiped clean
at the shuddering of the climax
the short-circuits of intimacy
moral armour shattering
like futile glass
towards the wreckage
the first hard light of truth
blood-red over the bay
the sun’s long merciless stare
like the opening of an unblinking eye
the painful morning after.

-Hersonissos, Crete, June 1992.

Douglas Thompson is the author of Mechagnosis.

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Filed in Stories on April 16, 2013