52 Poems for 2013, 7/52: St. Valentine’s Day Demolition

Douglas Thompson continues his series of weekly poems for 2013. Read on for the author’s comments on the poem.



Mike Foreman-Valentines Demolition


the moth-eaten mattress
thrown through a broken window
tearing and bending and blossoming momentarily
an explosion of feathers in the dust-charged air
gesturing obscurely on the brink of eternity
before giving up its domestic associations
of writhing lovers and incontinent pensioners
living and dying or just having a reasonable time
all this thrown off like money or inhibition
then plunging and forgetting on the seven storeys down
a biographic nosedive into oblivion
the scrap-heap of mundane normality beckons
with newspaper wallpaper ordinariness
of bricks and sticks and stones or bones
an ex-mattress becomes a twisted skeleton
of wires and springs and shocks absorbed
repository for spent energies of lovers and corpses
flat battery of ardour


Douglas Thompson is the author of Mechagnosis. You can read the poet’s musings on his poem at his blog.

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Filed in Stories on February 11, 2013