Chris Kelso

The Imperial Youth Review 2

Featuring Michael Allen Rose, Jordan Krall, Edward Morris, Hal Duncan, Cameron Pierce, Chris Shaw, Dave Migman, Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., Tom Bradley, Don Webb, Joseph Robicheaux, Douglas Lain, Kirk Jones, Nick Cato

by Chris Kelso

Enter a mind full of transcendental drugs, doomed punks, voyeuristic puppets and omnipotent intergalactic prisons in Chris Kelso’s debut short fiction collection.

An Interview with the Imperial Youth

Chris Kelso and Garrett Cook, those two uppity writing ninjas responsible for Imperial Youth Review, have managed to get their ugly mugs plastered like wanted signs all over the internet. Over at Horror Talk they certainly made an impression.

Chris Kelso: The Next Big Thing

For those not in the know, The Next Big Thing is an internet meme for writers to talk about their works-in-progress. Chris Kelso shares his upcoming short story collections, speaks a little about his influences, and makes the bold claim that he’s the first bizarro writer in Scotland (if not Britain). Our editor disagrees, but what do you think?

Invitation to a Beheading

In our second introduction to Imperial Youth Review, Chris Kelso tries to lodge some great marketing spiel in your brain (without any subtlety whatsoever), and undergoes a spiritual journey of sorts. Here he lays out the origin of his collaboration with Garrett Cook.

Imperial Youth Review

Imperial Youth Review is a magazine of gore, grit, big ideas, bad ideas and liberation at any cost. It is the Anti-New Yorker, blessed by the Scarlet Woman and dancing by voodoo drums to the end of love. Garrett Cook and Chris Kelso present the eldritch and the unorthodox, the transgressive and the wrong. Imperial Youth Review, that’s what.

Slaves to the Poverty of Desire

Barely a week after arriving in mainland France, Ommensetter was arrested and extradited to Wandsworth prison for sprinkling the royal ashes of a recently deceased French monarch on his porridge(as part of an artistic response to a newly imposed taxation on immigrant residents). He saw out 4 years of a 7 year sentence.

Dogcast 30

Sonic aberration numero 30, presented by Dave Migman, featuring Migman, Kelso and Swaytooth. Enjoy!

Dilettantes’ Society

Join the Horny Pack and get great freebies, such as stickers, T-shirts, books and posters.

Dogcast 27

Dave Migman hosts yet another half hour stint of poetry and fiction from: Darkofmaya, Adam Lowe, Benjamin Kane Ethridge and Chris Kelso.