Deb Hoag

Women Writing the Weird II: Dreadful Daughters

Edited by Deb Hoag and featuring Merrie Haskell, J.S. Breukelaar, Nicole Cushing, Sandra McDonald, Janett L. Grady, Victoria Hooper, Rachel Kendall, Roberta Chloe Verdant, Amelia Mangan, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Michele Lee, Nancy A. Collins, Lorraine H McGuire, Nikki Guerlain, Aliya Whiteley and more.

Review: Crashin’ the Real

DURA reviews Crashin’ the Real: ‘an extremely well-written and expertly crafted novel’

Queer and Loathing on the Yellow Brick Road
by Deb Hoag

Dorothy isn’t the happiest of girls. Kansas is pretty damn boring, her aunt and uncle are hicks, and it seems she doesn’t much belong. But when her shed gets picked up by a cyclone and dropped in Oz, things begin to get interesting.

Dogcast 31

Straight from the mysterious island of inclement dreams! Dave Migman hosts the the first show in a new batch of Dogcasts! This week: Rachel Kendall, Douglas Thompson and Deb Hoag! Music and fiction in a handy half-hour sound bite.

Women Writing the Weird
Ed. by Deb Hoag

Our seminal anthology is now available with free worldwide postage and 20% off! Features Nancy A. Collins, Eugie Foster, Janice Lee, Rachel Kendall, Candy Caradoc, Mysty Unger, Roberta Lawson, Sara Genge, Gina Ranalli, Deb Hoag, Caroline M. Yoachim, Flavia Testa, Aimee C. Amodio, Ann Hagman Cardinal, Rachel Turner, Katie Coyle, Helen Burke, Janis Butler Holm, Carol Novack, Tanytra Bensko, Nancy DiMauro, Aliette de Bodard, J.S. Breukelaar, C. M. Vernon, Moira McPartlin and Wendy Jane Muzlanova.

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Dogcast 21

Escape from TIME! For half an hour, at least. This week sonic duress from: Mr Swaytooth, Deb Hoag and Robert Lamb

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Author Spotlight: Deb Hoag

Deb Hoag, for anyone who’s read Polluto, is one of our favourite new authors. And with good reason. Deb and I first met back on Orson Scott Card’s wonderful Hatrack River Writer’s Workshop, along with fellow contributor for Issue 4, Anne Pinckard. Deb was one of the most attentive workshoppers, who really read everything I’d [...]

‘Cupid’s Day in Oz’ by Deb Hoag

The first time I saw Glinda, she was a tall, cool blonde with a big wand. And she was using it to zap Nessa, the Wicked Witch of the East. I fell in love in a big way, but Glinda insisted I was too young for her, so she gave me a pair of shoes [...]